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    EASY COLOR® UNIVERSAL COLORANTS are based on concentrated pigments preparations. It is easy-to-use and intended for both professionals and the general public wishing to obtain a light or pastel colour in all solvent or water-based paints.

    EASY COLOR® UNIVERSAL COLORANT can be used for colouring water-based, vinyl, acrylic, latex, emulsions, oil and alkyd paints whether glossy, satin or matt, cellulose paint and any paint which is diluted with white spirit. Other uses include: fine shades for artists, incorporation in plastics (e.g. Rigid P.E. foams) and tinting of N.C. or PU lacquers (max 3%) and epoxy paints.

    Theses colorants are UV and weather resistant, except for Yellow 701 and Red Vermillion 705, which are not recommended for outdoor use when they are used in pastel shades.

    Premium non-edible imitation GOLD 2.5 or SILVER metallic leaves. It’s a metal leaf made from a brass alloy or from aluminum that has been hammered into very fine sheets for use in arts, crafting, decorations, for paintings of statues and many other projects. Popular in interior design and artistic work to give a gold or silver effect.

    Imitation leaf is a cost-effective alternative to genuine gold leaf, offering a metallic surface which is shinier than a gold leaf surface generally. It is often used as a substitute where budget dictates.

    This item is decorative materials only and not suitable as food packaging or food decoration.

    EASY COLOR® EASYTOP is a ready-to-use, easy-to-use, DIY, tinted transparent multicoat decorative product for wood available in 8 different tints.

    It is fungicide, UV resistant and water-repellent compatible with indoor and outdoor projects, leaving the natural grains of the wood unimpaired and offering a long-term protection. It can be used on new wood or for renovation works on old, clean and dry surfaces.

    It can be applied on indigenous and tropical woods and already impregnated woods on projects such as chalets, doors, window frames, balustrades/railings, façade coatings, timber woods, fences, shutters etc.

    EASY COLOR® PASTE FOR WALLPAPER is the ideal paste for all types of wallpapers (standard, thick, heavy, light).
    Quick to homogenize and exceptionally smooth, it is very easy to implement. The paste is ready in 3 minutes and transparent after drying.
    Paste suitable for use in a pasting machine.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 68 items