Linseed oils are recognized worldly for their benefits and their nutritional quality. Moreover, our cutting-edge technologies allow us to respect all the natural qualities of the seeds, thus enabling us to supply a whole range of exceptional products suitable for various industrial applications:

  • Cold pressed linseed oil/First pressure Linseed Oil
  • Raw/Crude Linseed Oil
  • Refined Linseed Oil
  • Boiled & Double Boiled Linseed Oil (DBLO) + DBLO High Visco
  • DBLO reduced (20%, 30%, 40%)
  • Linseed Standoil, 1-450 Poises
  • Castor Oil FSG/N°1 & Dehydrated Castor Oil (DCO) + Blown Castor Oil
  • Raw Tung Oil