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    Highly glossy opacifying and quick-drying golden solvent-based spray paint offering a - mirror effect – and a good adhesion, for decorative and artistic design of interior elements in wood, metal, aluminum, glass and various types of plastics.

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    NARI® PLASTIC WOOD is a ready-to-use nitrocellulose-based wood filler available in 6 different colors.The fast drying combined with water resistance and a minimum shrink are enough reasons for many professional users to apply this product extensively on wood surfaces.It is used for filling/repairing surface damages in wood such as nail holes and cracks...

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    EASY COLOR® DECO GOLD 906 is a ready-to-use and DIY premium water-based metallic paint that has the same brilliance, adherence and durability as EASY COLOR® GOLD solvent-based paints. It offers good opacity, regular adherence on substrate and it is odourless. It can be used on all types of applications: wood, metals, walls, ceilings, plaster, moulding,...

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    Colorless, semi-gloss protective and decorative solvent-based clear coat recommended for application on surfaces painted with our EASY COLOR® metallic paints (GOLD 901-902-909-910, COPPER 903, SILVER 905 and ROSE GOLD 914), or tinted with our NARI® WOOD STAINS but also on any other solvent-based paint to protect them from oxidation. This product is...

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    EASY COLOR® DECO PEARL 900 is a high-gloss 1 component acrylic water-based top and protection clear coat. This ready-to-use and DIY varnish gives a stunning pearl-like effect to design projects. Destined for the application on solvent and water-based paints, unpainted glass fibre wallpapers, plaster, wooden panels, decorative items, etc. It offers a high...

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    EASY COLOR® LIQUID GOLD 910 is a 100% acrylic resin solvent-based metallic paint. It is an excellent ready-to-use, do-it-yourself substitute to gilding projects and is suitable for all kinds of decorative works on wood, metals, plaster, concrete, fillers, false ceilings, etc. as long as the surface is well prepared. It’s gold leaf, glittery and high-gloss...

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