About us

Founded in 1989, COPRABEL SA is a Belgian company specialized in the production of luxurious decorative products.

COPRABEL is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Metallic Paints, Wood coatings and Universal Colorants, used for both interior and exterior design.

We have concentrated our efforts in the production of our unique metallic paints, EASYCOLOR® Metallic Paints, which come in one-of-a-kind Gold, Silver, Bronze and tailor-made colors. We also provide technical support for the application of our products and supply primers and top-coats compatible with our paints.

Furthermore, we developed an extensive range of quality Wood Stain, sold under our brand NARI®. Our Wood Stain comes in different colors, is UV resistant and is compatible with nitrocellulose lacquers.

Our objective is to become a top quality one-stop shop for all the interior and exterior design needs.

We use the latest technologies, carefully sourced raw-materials and provide environmentally friendly products.

We are mainly selling our products in Europe, Middle-East and Africa, and have established a branch in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates in order to support our growth in these regions.

Coprabel, The Quality in Colors!